Inspired Bell Remembrance
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Price: 34.50€

Inspired Bell Remembrance

The Inspired Bell Remembrance are beautifully handcrafted bells that sweetly ring and remind you or a loved one of someone near and dear to the heart. The natural aesthetic and light warming color pallet is perfect for any home. This collection seeks to uplift the spirit in a calming unique way. Get yourself a loving present or gift it to a mourning friend. It is promised to warm the heart.

Size: Bell:Bell: 3"w x 8"h; Hanger: 5.5"long

Materials: stoneware, iron

Sentiment: Some people are put on earth to make it a better place. To bring a little joy, hope and happiness into the lives of everyone lucky enough to know them. When they move on, they leave a love-shaped place in the world one that is filled with laughter, and memories, and recollections of all the wonderful things they did, and all the good times they made happen.