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<strong><center>Handwritten Sympathy Cards</center></strong><br/><BR/>

We handwrite your card & mail it using real stamps. Envelopes are also handwritten.
<strong><center>Condolence Books for Home Printing</strong></center>

Condolence Book Cover & Presentation Box
- for Home Printing
<center><strong>Inspired Bells</center></strong>(FREE Shipping & Gift Card)

Uplift the spirit in a calming unique way.
<center><strong>Angel Ornaments & Keepsake boxes</center></strong>  (FREE Shipping & Gift Card)

Hand-crafted Angel pieces that capture those sentiments that we most want to express.
<strong><center>Pressed Flowers with Verse / Photo</center></strong>  (FREE Shipping & Gift Card)

Hand-pressed wild Irish flower wall-hanging with verse/photo. Suitable for framing.
<center><strong>Religious & Spiritual</center></strong>   (FREE Shipping & Gift Card)

Holy Water Fonts, Crucifixes, Spiritual Wall Hangings & Celtic Art Pieces
<center><strong>Hand-carved Celtic Wall Hangings</center></strong>   (FREE Shipping & Gift Card)

Hand-carved in Ireland, each wooden piece has its own unique & poignant significance.
<strong><center>Ogham Wishes</center></strong>   (FREE Gift Card)

Ogham writing is Ireland's ancient script. Hand-painted, stylish wall hangings. For indoor use.
<center><strong>Mounted Prints</center></strong>  (FREE Shipping & Gift Card)

Mounted original design prints, inspired by the early Irish Celtic illuminated manuscript, The Book of Kells.